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Allen Walker by EpicPurple28 Allen Walker :iconepicpurple28:EpicPurple28 3 1 Kirito Vs. Administrator by EpicPurple28 Kirito Vs. Administrator :iconepicpurple28:EpicPurple28 1 0 Deugemia pro. by EpicPurple28 Deugemia pro. :iconepicpurple28:EpicPurple28 1 0 Doodle by EpicPurple28 Doodle :iconepicpurple28:EpicPurple28 2 0 Happy B-day Kuro-kun!!! by EpicPurple28 Happy B-day Kuro-kun!!! :iconepicpurple28:EpicPurple28 4 1 Elphis Adventure C4 10 by EpicPurple28 Elphis Adventure C4 10 :iconepicpurple28:EpicPurple28 2 0 Elphis Adventure C4 c by EpicPurple28 Elphis Adventure C4 c :iconepicpurple28:EpicPurple28 1 1 Church Outfit by EpicPurple28 Church Outfit :iconepicpurple28:EpicPurple28 1 1 The Protagonist... color by EpicPurple28 The Protagonist... color :iconepicpurple28:EpicPurple28 1 0 The Owl... by EpicPurple28 The Owl... :iconepicpurple28:EpicPurple28 0 0 The Protagonist... by EpicPurple28 The Protagonist... :iconepicpurple28:EpicPurple28 3 2 Haruru~ Design by EpicPurple28 Haruru~ Design :iconepicpurple28:EpicPurple28 0 0 Halloween Pic  (Edit) by EpicPurple28 Halloween Pic (Edit) :iconepicpurple28:EpicPurple28 0 0 Neww ID by EpicPurple28 Neww ID :iconepicpurple28:EpicPurple28 1 1 Left Behind... by EpicPurple28 Left Behind... :iconepicpurple28:EpicPurple28 2 0 Mike's Replacement FNAF Cover Request~ by EpicPurple28 Mike's Replacement FNAF Cover Request~ :iconepicpurple28:EpicPurple28 0 2


I'm Sorry
People seem to forget I was always watching everything from behind Allen's shoulders.
Never did they realize I was practically forced to see everyone judge my host because I happen to be trapped here, inside his head.
I hate to admit it, but I kind of felt for the boy.
It was hard not to hear everybody whisper behind his back.
How many times did I wish I could punch those bastards?
Why do humans do this? Allen was perhaps the most loyal exorcist they ever had!
And yet...
But it was all my fault. All those horrid things that happened to him, were my fault.
I wish I had the power to go back in time to pick another host. But I couldn't, I wouldn't; if I did, there's a high chance I never got to meet him, never got to meet Allen.
But today really was the worse. That bastard inspector and his CROW had taken him.
– That's something I'd love to do; I want to torture those bastards to a slow and painful death! –  
But yeah, Cross had told him about me. About my connection w
:iconlordpeachy:LordPeachy 17 5
Black Roses... Ch.3
№III. Of Black Roses and Red Tears
The nightly wind played with the white locks of Allen Walker.
The moon illuminated the world enough with it's reflecting light for him to be able to see where he was going.
He would have just taken the ark to get to his destination, but alas, he couldn't.
He had used too much power and essentially life-force to escape from the Earl's grasp to create a single gate.
He was lucky the dark ark had spat him out in London; at least there he knew the way, it being one of the only places in earth where he did so.
But even though he had the geographic advantage, he lacked physical strength; his knees could barely hold him upright.
He stumbled through empty and dark alleys, leaning on the walls for support, constantly in search for a safe place to lie down and rest.
Ah- rest. That one single word can sound so appealing...
Allen gravely longed for a place where he could just come to re
:iconlordpeachy:LordPeachy 12 27
oBRaRT ch.1
Of Black Roses and Red Tears
Chapter 1: Fatal Error
Snow crunched under his feet, icy wind bit in his cheeks as he looked up the hill. An old field elm stood there, leaving an air of melancholy. Its branches were heavy, the trunk twisted with the effort to keep them up. A hunched tree, that's what it was. Hunched over a lone grave at its feet. He sucked in a freezing breath and made his way up there, his feet slightly slipping on the snow, yet steady with his precision. He was in stark contrast with his surroundings, his black form against the untainted snow around him.
He came to a halt in front of the frozen grave and watched the snow flakes land softly on the gray stone. Soon he would disappear again, soon he would go back into hiding. It's as his uncle had told him, trust no one, and as he promised his father, to keep walking. There was no safety when hunted by the Earl and enemy to the Black Order. Trust
:iconlordpeachy:LordPeachy 2 0
Allen! by Krusnik03 Allen! :iconkrusnik03:Krusnik03 7 10 Prism Eyes by yuumei Prism Eyes :iconyuumei:yuumei 16,335 381 Die in a Fire by kawacy Die in a Fire :iconkawacy:kawacy 9,777 297 Draw This Again : Allen Walker by Shumijin Draw This Again : Allen Walker :iconshumijin:Shumijin 744 85 Shokugeki no Soma by Shumijin Shokugeki no Soma :iconshumijin:Shumijin 1,120 101 new hairstyle by s-haa new hairstyle :icons-haa:s-haa 324 43 Question you all asked by kawacy Question you all asked :iconkawacy:kawacy 5,995 330 Browser-tan by Cioccolatodorima Browser-tan :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 14,655 1,317 Hbd Kuro-kun 2k15 by emoLove9900 Hbd Kuro-kun 2k15 :iconemolove9900:emoLove9900 12 2 Lopunny used ATTRACT by kawacy Lopunny used ATTRACT :iconkawacy:kawacy 5,192 486 New start by koogiri New start :iconkoogiri:koogiri 350 20 Androgynous by Keyade Androgynous :iconkeyade:Keyade 211 21 bunny by emoLove9900 bunny :iconemolove9900:emoLove9900 9 1




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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Heyllo!! I speak my own strange language when I'm frustrated or angry.

Favorite colors: Dark purple, black, blue, white, red, grey, silver.

Anime/manga I remember:
Kuroko no Basuke/ Kuroko no Basket
Mekakucity Actors/ Kagerou Project/Kagerou Days
Junjou Romantica
Sekai ichi no Hatsukoi
Super Lovers
Ghost Hunt
Shingeki no Kyojin
Evangelion-Neon Genesis
Princess Resurrection
Vampire Knight/Guilty
Sword Art Online
The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
Tokyo Ghoul
Black Bullet
Seraph of the End|Owari no Seraph
Pandora Hearts
To Aru Majutsu no Index

Favorite Vocaloids: Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Gumi, Hatsune Miku.

Favorite Vocaloid song: The Game of Life

I also have an obsession with video games as well as minecraft.

Now, I can draw with my intuos drawing tablet to post on here.

And yeah that's all the things I could come up with to put here.
So... Derp (; ̄ェ ̄)


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